January Update for Final Fantasy XI

The January version update for Final Fantasy XI, titled The Voracious Resurgence, is set to be released on January 10th. The update will bring new quests and content to the game as the story approaches its final chapters, with Chapter 10 being released in the update and Chapter 11 being ... » read more

Online Management Games: the 10 best free managerial browser games of 2023

Aspiring kings and conquerors of kingdoms? Or are you "settling" for a political career to climb the ranks of a megalopolis of millions? Or maybe you are just here to win a Champions League with your beloved team pulled up from the worst provincial amateur leagues? Whatever your purpose in ... » read more

Do you love Fortnite? Here are 5 similar games you'll love

Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It has become wildly popular due to its free-to-play nature, cartoony art style and easy-to-learn mechanics. In the game, players must gather resources and build defensive structures while battling hordes of monsters and other players, with ... » read more

BigPoint birthday, Christmas and New Year all together in Darkorbit

One of Bigpoint's flagship browser games, the historic Dark Orbit, has decided to combine its Christmas and New Year ... » read more

We are all better at Christmas and don't raid villages (at least on Tentlan and Anocris)

As has become a tradition, LionMoon browser games Tentlan and Anocris have decided to give all their players a few ... » read more

RAID Shadow Legends: a small trick allows us to remove all artifacts at no cost

The end of the year in RAID: Shadow Legends is really crackling. In addition to the maxi-update 6.3 that ... » read more

Docufilm on the making of Ashes of Creation, one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for 2023

Intrepid Studios had a significant year of growth in 2022, and not surprisingly it is one of the most anticipated ... » read more

Raid Shadow Legends ends the year with a bang: new update 6.3

It's a hot December for RAID: Shadow Legends players who will be able to enjoy themselves over the Christmas ... » read more

Microsoft's big game: 10 gamers try to stop Activision Blizzard takeover

It has been news for several months now that Microsoft is trying to acquire, for nearly $70 billion, the entire ... » read more

Fractured Online, Gamigo's MMORPG... is no longer from Gamigo (and closes Early Access)

Ah, Fractured Online... the early access of the new MMORPG published by Gamigo was really promising with its ever-evolving sandbox ... » read more

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