Do you love Fortnite? Here are 5 similar games you'll love

Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017.
It has become wildly popular due to its free-to-play nature, cartoony art style and easy-to-learn mechanics. In the game, players must gather resources and build defensive structures while battling hordes of monsters and other players, with one goal: to stay the last one alive.
If you are looking for games that are similar but introduce something new to you, here are the titles that all Fornite lovers should try.
For each game we will highlight both which aspects are most related and which are most different, so you can find the alternative that suits you best in no time.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

If you like Fortnite, you should also try PUBG, a battle royale released in 2017 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

Also in PUBG, players must fight to survive within a game map that is at first huge but gradually shrinks. As in Fortnite there is a wide variety of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and even specialized weapons such as the flamethrower, and both games can be played both solo and in teams.

The main differences between Fortnite and PUBG are:
- PUBG is a more realistic game with more detailed graphics, while Fortnite is more fun-oriented with a colorful, cartoony aesthetic.
- A direct consequence of the previous point is that while in Fortnite players can collect materials to construct buildings in real time, in PUBG they cannot. Then again, it is not possible to erect a fortress from scratch in 5 seconds....
- PUBG's basic game mode is based on eliminating other players, while Fortnite also has objectives such as exploring the map or finding the secret item

Why to choose it as an alternative to Fortnite: You should choose PUBG if you want to bring a touch of realism to Fortnite's game mechanics.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an extremely similar game to Fortnite, perhaps the most similar among those on this list.
It is a battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts in 2019. It is set in the same universe as Titanfall, but features a completely new cast of characters.

Apex Legends differs in that it has a class system in which each character has unique abilities that can be used strategically to gain an advantage over opponents. An example? Gibraltar has a tactical ability that allows him to summon a magical barrier around him (and his allies), and an "Ultimate" ability to bombard a given area.
Although it is therefore not possible to build items and structures as in Fortnite, magical abilities will be able to give us a lot of variety.

Graphically, it is extremely similar to Fortnite: both are colorful shooters with lighthearted, cartoony tones.

Why choose it as an alternative to Fortnite: you should choose Apex Legends if you are looking for something extremely similar, only with a bit more novelty given by the magical abilities of the characters.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Released in 2020 by Activision Blizzard as part of the Call of Duty franchise, it is set in a different universe from the main series games.
It is famous for its large-scale epic battles: up to 150 players face off in huge maps with vehicles available for traversal and many weapons scattered around the map to loot.

Here again we have the same typical battle royale gameplay, however Warzone differs from Fortnite in its much more realistic approach and the importance of vehicles that can be used tactically throughout the game, for example to ambush enemies or provide covering fire while teammates move to better positions on the battlefields.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale is a battle royale game that combines elements of role-playing games and strategy.
As in Fortnite, players must survive in an open world where the playing field shrinks and must gather weapons and equipment to protect themselves and attack other players. However, Realm Royale introduces role-playing elements, such as classes and spells, and allows players to create and forge their own weapons.
In addition, Realm Royale includes a team game mode in which teams must conquer and defend fortresses to win the game.


With Rust we begin to get off the track of classic battle-royale, as this is a Survival MMO in which you defend against the dangers of the game world (such as very adverse weather conditions and wildlife) and vie for scarce resources for survival with other players.
If the building part of Fortnite was one of your favorites, in Rust you will find bread for your teeth: you will have to reinforce your base and craft all kinds of tools, weapons and materials, because there is no such thing as a quiet place within the game world.

Rust's setting is a mix of science fiction and post-apocalyptic style, with elements such as ruined buildings and old industrial structures, but also huge expanses of green.

Why choose it as an alternative to Fortnite: If you want to try something radically different while holding firm on some key dynamics (such as wars between groups of players and building defensive structures), Rust is the game for you.


Minecraft was first released in 2009 by Mojang Studios and quickly gained popularity among players around the world because of the extreme creative freedom it offered, basically allowing players to build whatever crossed their minds!
In Minecraft you have endless possibilities to play alone or online with friends exploring vast procedurally generated worlds, and overflowing with resources that will allow you to craft tools/weapons/buildings and whatnot.
Of course, there will be no shortage of dangers to defend yourself from: zombies and creeper will often try to invade your base and destroy your work like children with a sandcastle on the beach!

Overall, however, Minecraft is much more peaceful and focuses more on the elements of creativity.

Why choose it as an alternative to Fortnite: If you have decided that you have had enough of violence, Minecraft is definitely for you!

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