Fractured Online, Gamigo's MMORPG... is no longer from Gamigo (and closes Early Access)

Ah, Fractured Online... the early access of the new MMORPG published by Gamigo was really promising with its ever-evolving sandbox world full of possibilities and adventures.
It was an experience we all looked forward to, but then came the news: due to unspecified "problems with the third-party backend platform," Dynamight Studios was forced to move part of the development team to other locations on other tasks, and thus slow down the development of the actual game.
This took Fractured Online from an Open Beta phase in Early Access to a Closed Beta.

The news comes after some confusing signals from publisher Gamigo, including the removal of Fractured Online from their website, although the whole thing is surrounded by a fair amount of mystery: it appears that the move from Open Beta to Closed Beta was the result of some problems between Gamigo and Dynamight Studios, but no one is saying precisely

In response to fan questions about the change in development plans, Dynamight Studios released a statement on its blog explaining what it intends to do going forward. They stated that while they remain committed to completing Fractured Online, they will slow down production to ensure a better experience for users in the long run. They also clarified that players will continue to have access to the game during this transition period; however, some technical hiccups may occur during the transition from the current platform to one with more reliable tools and services.

What can we say, Fractured Online still remains an MMORPG to keep an eye on, but there will surely be some delays. In the meantime, we remain waiting for somewhat less vague official releases.

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