Docufilm on the making of Ashes of Creation, one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for 2023

Intrepid Studios had a significant year of growth in 2022, and not surprisingly it is one of the most anticipated games for the new year, as also highlighted in our article on MMORPGs 2023.

To celebrate a year full of progress, Intrepid Studios has released a Youtube video (which, given its length, is more of a docufilm than a Youtube video) introducing the team members, the location where they work, their tasks, progress in game development, etc.

In the video, Creative Lead Steven Sharif points out that players have seen "significant progress" each month as a result of the company's expansion. Intrepid Studios has doubled its staff in several disciplines, which has allowed a wider range of skills and experience to be brought to the field.
This has resulted in numerous improvements and changes to the game, especially during alpha testing.

In addition to expanding the team, Intrepid Studios has also moved to a new office that better meets the needs of the team and acquired new resources that enable the production of professional content to keep fans informed. Sharif says that as development continues, these improvements will continue to grow "very vertically," as evidenced by progress to date.

In addition to looking back at the company's growth and the changes made to the game, the video also provides an opportunity to meet the development teams and learn about their work. From the combat teams to the developers behind the collection system, viewers can hear directly what each team's daily activities and goals are.

In short, a comprehensive overview of the past year for Intrepid Studios and a glimpse into the future of the game.
What about you, what do you think? Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ashes of Creation? Let us know with a comment!
And in the meantime, enjoy the docufilm:

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