Online Management Games: the 10 best free managerial browser games of 2023

Aspiring kings and conquerors of kingdoms? Or are you "settling" for a political career to climb the ranks of a megalopolis of millions? Or maybe you are just here to win a Champions League with your beloved team pulled up from the worst provincial amateur leagues?
Whatever your purpose in life (videoludic), there is probably a browser game that allows you to achieve it: after all, that of management games is undoubtedly the genre that best matches browser games.

Since their inception, browser-based games have seemed perfect for implementing the typical dynamics of management games: whether it was a belligerent empire, a space colony, a farm, a city, a band of musicians, or an airport, in our gaming careers we have been able to take the reins of dozens of different "businesses."

In this article we are therefore going to examine the best managerial browser games: some of them will be games of conquest, with armies to feed and empires to manage; others will be more peaceful and will see us grappling with just building houses and cities; still others will be themed managerial games that will see us engaged in managing entrepreneurial activities of all kinds; then there will be no shortage of sports management, farm games, or even games to become a rock star and manage one's recording career...

In short, there really is something for everyone, and if you are ready to bear the weight of such responsibilities, all that remains is for us to wish you good reading!

Empire management games

Who doesn't love to conquer the world, good or bad?
Here are 3 titles in which our skills as strategists, statesmen and economists (and, why not, generals) will be put to the test.
Then again, why settle for being the manager of a small company or team when you can control an entire empire?

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

Gentlemen, be ready: winter is coming!

Publisher: Gtarcade
Link: Official Site | Full Review

Description: With the incredible success made by first the novels and then the TV series, it was quite natural that the Games of Thrones brand would be tapped for a direct playable adaptation, and, in fact, Winter is Coming represents just such a management counterpart to the intricate continent of Westeros; after all, the source material lends itself well to a management strategy, and the developers certainly did not miss the opportunity to create a game system that, starting from the already established foundations on which many fantasy/medieval themed management browser games rest, would incorporate within it the characters, tones and situations of the work born from the mind of George R. R. Martin. R. Martin.
What resulted is a browser game that will surely send all die-hard fans of the reference works into a swoon, also because of a first-rate technical component that, in addition to offering a 3D-like representation of the game settings, reproduces extremely faithfully the features of the characters known to fans of the TV series, modeled directly on the features of the actors in the flesh.

Why Play It: Because, thanks to the official license, it faithfully reproduces the tone of the hugely popular TV series from which it is based, really giving players the feeling of being caught up in the diabolical political machinations seen in George R. R. Martin's series and books.
In addition, from a gameplay perspective, the game features multiple innovative elements. Battles, the foundational element of any strategic browser game, here are in real time and are managed directly by the player.
There are also other mini-games that lend freshness to otherwise fairly traditional game mechanics.

For more information, read the full review of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires you will lead your civilization through different historical eras

Publisher: InnoGames
Link: Official Site | Full Review

Description: Forge of Empires' is an intriguing premise at best, since, which is rare in this genre, it offers real innovation from a gameplay perspective.
Basically, around the ever-present management of our main city, the game will give you the possibility of advancing in time through the various eras that have constituted the real history of humanity, starting from prehistory up to the near future, with all the consequences of the case.
If at the beginning of the game our buildings will in fact have a rudimentary appearance to say the least, barely suitable to meet the basic needs of our primitives, as we advance through the eras things will become more and more interesting and sophisticated, until we get to the point of building real futuristic works.
Although it cannot be considered the best management strategy browser game ever made, this temporal feature just described could be a strong discriminator for trying it at the expense of other games.

Why Play It: Because it adds a unique but very interesting detail to the classic mechanics of managing one's own city, represented, as you may have already guessed, precisely by the possibility of translating over the course of different eras our progress.
The developers are then very careful to "pamper" their community with regular and full-bodied updates, events, mini-games and other gimmicks to keep the gaming experience never too repetitive.

For more information, read the full review of Forge of Empires.


Are you fascinated by Ancient Egypt? Anocris is the management software for you

Publisher: LionMoon Games
Link: Official site | Full review

Description:are you fascinated by ancient Egypt? Then try your hand at running a civilization in the time of Ramses II!
Between fields to cultivate, armies to feed, scientific technologies to discover and gods to worship there will be quite a few aspects to manage if you want to become a great ruler and have a great pyramid alongside those of the most legendary pharaohs.
Anocris is an extremely traditional browser game, perfect if you want a somewhat old-school strategic game and are fascinated by the setting at the mouth of the Nile.

Economic Managements

If war -- at least the kind made of weapons, blood and destruction -- just isn't your thing, here are some decidedly more peaceful online management games in which the only war you'll find yourself fighting, at most, is an economic one.

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a browser game thatwinks at 'cult' management games like Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon . Indeed, the goal will be to create our own railroad empire, and to do so we will have to take care of managing our train station with all the infrastructure related to it: the network of tracks, the locomotive fleet, restaurants, trade agreements with other cities and associations, and much more.
Very well-developed is the multiplayer component: in this as in a few other games it is necessary to cooperate in the best possible way with our neighbors, on pain of assured failure... and we assure you that it is much more complicated than you can imagine!
You will soon discover for yourself how difficult it is to put your own personal profits before the good of the community...

Overall, a beautiful game, simple but at the same time complicated given the unpredictability of human players.
Recommended for those managers with strong diplomatic skills but not too good with calculations and charts... » register and play now!


Whether you choose elves or humans, glory awaits!

Publisher: InnoGames

Description: Set in an imaginary fantasy world populated by two different main races, Elvenar presents itself from the very first moments as a full-blown management browser game in which, after choosing which people to lead between humans and elves, we will immediately be cast in the role of the new ruler of what will hopefully become a thriving and important city.
As could easily be expected, much of the game mechanics will therefore revolve around the need to expand and improve the urban services present in our building spaces, with the player constantly engaged in managing resources, constructing new buildings (residential or utilitarian) and, more generally, managing the needs, demands and necessities of their town.
At first glance you might think this is the classic war browser game... nothing could be more wrong! Elvenar is an extremely peaceful game, in which you cannot attack other players.
Your efforts will be more civilian than military, you will have to worry about the welfare of your citizens, their happiness and needs, and the only challenge against other real players will be to who proves to be the most "enlightened" ruler.
For this reason, we can regard it as a true management game about city building.

Why Play It: Because within the sub-genre of fantasy management games, it represents a little gem, returning a very pronounced sense of progression and topping it all off with inspired graphics.

For more information, read the full review of Elvenar.

Sports Management

The field of sports is one of the most popular in the landscape of managerial games, and we could not fail to devote a paragraph to it. Managing your own team, be it soccer, basketball or F1, is a pastime capable of bringing enormous satisfaction. Let's look at the best games suitable for the purpose...

Goal United

Goal United is a online soccer manager game on the market for almost 10 years. It is the free browser game with the largest user base in soccer, and it is still well supported by the developers who every now and then revolutionize its features to keep up with the times.

Goal United allows you to manage every single aspect of our soccer club, from the more managerial ones (merchandising, stadium infrastructure, loans and investments, etc...) to the technical-sporting ones (spring management, talent discovery, soccer market, training, tactics, etc...).

The large community, the constant updates and the myriad of things to do make it really a good product for all those who don't want to spend money on more emblazoned managerials such as Football Manager.... » register and play now!

Themed managerials

We close the list with a couple of pure management games, in which we will have to manage a farm and a music band, respectively.


Are you ready to set up your own farm business?

Publisher: Gtarcade

Description: Farmerama's is a perfect example of how games that are built around a concept seemingly far removed from mass user tastes can later turn out to be a great success.
What is for all intents and purposes an authenticfarm life simulator has in fact managed to gain a respectable audience over time, so much so that it is still played today by numerous users who access its servers on a daily basis.
As you have probably already figured out for yourself, the core of the entire title consists precisely in managing the land and space at one's disposal in order to bring to life aflourishing and productive farm that knows how to guarantee us adequate economic compensation.
With mechanics related to both farming and ranching, Farmerama remains recommended for players of somewhat all ages looking for a relaxed and not too complicated experience.

Why Play It: Because it represents light-hearted, carefree fun, consisting of colorful, relaxing graphics and game mechanics designed to take the user along as he or she goes along, without overly elaborate obstacles or hindrances.

For more information, read the full review of Farmerama.


Popmundo is certainly not among the most popular management browser games on the face of the earth, but it is certainly one of the most original.
How many games did you know that put you in charge of a music band eager to break into show business?
None, I bet?
Well, now you know one.

Popmundo was launched in 2003 and since then, although it has never undergone major revolutions (as can be seen from the graphical style identical to what it had 20 years ago), it has still always managed to stay up-to-date and well supported by the developers.

In Popmundo you impersonate the role of an aspiring rock star, spending your days writing songs, finding members for a band, deciding on concert setlists (complete with special highlights, such as splitting the guitar and setting it on fire in the middle of the performance), organizing tours, recording albums, and sealing contracts.
In short, there is really nothing missing from the life of a rock star, in a complete and believable simulation.

Simple but fun mechanics, the charm of a small indie project still capable of introducing some novelties from time to time, and an original and particularly relaxed atmosphere are the key factors why you should give Popmundo a chance, especially if you are a musician.

And that, that's it: we hope you have found your next management game to play online, and that the variety of this list has allowed you to find something akin to your tastes, or... why not, maybe discover some areas you hadn't thought of!
Did it? Let us know with a comment!

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