RAID Shadow Legends: a small trick allows us to remove all artifacts at no cost

The end of the year in RAID: Shadow Legends is really crackling.
In addition to the maxi-update 6.3 that we told you about in a previous article, the winter event with lavish rewards and several sub-events kicked off at the turn of the New Year, including an X2 on the ability to summon legendary champions from all the shards, and a period of "sales" for artifact removal.

You know how expensive it is to find yourself having to change the "intended use" of a champion with 6* artifacts equipped, and it is no accident that the ability to do this "for free" is considered a decent gift to the community...indeed, it is quite a unique opportunity!
So instead of exploiting it to change just a few artifacts, why not give us a fresh start from scratch, removing all artifacts from all champions, and then re-equipping them as we go along at a leisurely pace?

It sounds nice, but also extremely time-consuming, at least if you were thinking of going from sample to sample manually removing every single artifact. However, there is a faster way!


Just send your samples to the secondary crypt, the one where they cannot stay with equipped artifacts.
Well, when we try to send a sample with worn artifacts, at the usual prompt that asks if we want to destroy such artifacts or remove them by paying silver.... well, the "paying silver" part does not appear.

You can select the "remove" option and all artifacts will properly return to the repository, without charging you a single piece of silver.

What can I say, it's time to coat all your samples!

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