Raid Shadow Legends ends the year with a bang: new update 6.3

It's a hot December for RAID: Shadow Legends players who will be able to enjoy themselves over the Christmas vacations with the latest, full-bodied updates to the Plarium-branded collectible hero game.

Bug fixes, a new ascension mechanic for artifacts, a new dungeon and 10 new champions, as well as some improvements on QoL (quality of life), changes to the balance of champions, new buffs and a free Legendary Champion for players who play for 7 days by Feb. 20. Does that sound like a small amount?
But let's go into more detail:

The real star of the update is the Artifact Ascension system, a new system that allows players to upgrade their artifacts through Essential Oils, a new currency obtainable from the brand new related dungeon of the Sand Devil Necropolis. Each artifact can gain an additional statistic from a list of stats assigned to that particular piece; in addition, after ascension, stat values can be further increased.

QoL functions have also been added to make daily progression activities less time-consuming. Among these, the new "Boss Guide" button deserves a mention, with very well-crafted informational articles for each boss in the game--invaluable information for at least an 85% of current RAID: Shadow Legends players who do not have the time or inclination to spend hours studying guides and strategies on Reddit and Youtube.

The daily access program has also undergone an important change: players who have already summoned the 6 samples obtainable in this way will now receive soul stones instead of new duplicate sample fragments.

The Tower of Destiny is also receiving a new improvement: players will receive a massive overhaul of rewards, but only for players who have already collected all the champion fragments from its Secret Rooms. The rewards for them will now be changed to Forge materials.

Sample rebalancing is also an important part of the update. Several existing champions have been rebalanced, including Pyxniel, Belanor, the Crypt Witch, and Alika. Each champion will receive modified abilities, increased damage multipliers, and new buffs and debuffs.
In addition, a new champion, Corvis, has been added to the game.

What can I say, it's really time to log in and see the new updates firsthand!

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