Warframe: New content coming soon presented in video

Confirming itself as a success story capable of going far beyond a passing fad, Warframe still enjoys excellent health and seems very intent on maintaining this status for a long time to come.

Indeed, with a short yet explanatory clip, the guys from the game's development team have revealed to the public some of the new features that players can expect to see within the game soon, with some of them expected as early as in the coming days.

The first and most substantial new feature expected is the Call of the Tenmpestarii update, which promises to be a decidedly interesting update that will see the introduction of new missions and a brand new Warframe, named Sevagoth.
Immediately following this was the unveiling of the new Prime form of Octavia, complete with deadly equipment attached.

From next Feb. 16 and until March 5, then, players will have a chance to get their hands on some special items and equipment designed especially to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Finally, a brief space was also dedicated to remind of theStar Days, i.e., the in-game event already taking place on the title's servers and which will last until next February 25; as you may have already guessed, this occasion is dedicated to Valentine's Day, and again players are given the chance to get some themed items for the occasion.

In short, after the acquisition of the Asian giant Tencent, the guys at Digital Extremes are proving that they are willing to keep their word, continuing undaunted to add new content to their title without getting too influenced by the big financial maneuvers they were involved in.

What do you guys think of this new content? Do you think the developers have more surprises in store to be unveiled later this year? Let us know yours!

In the meantime, below you can see the movie released by the developers, in which you can get a visual idea of the new content coming. Enjoy!

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