Fantasy Anime MMORPG - Choose your class, train fighters, tame pets and challenge the warriors of an evil God to stop havoc and bring eternal peace to the world of Nosville.

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Game overview

The world of NosVille has turned to chaos and your character comes in with tremendous power and fighting abilities to bring it to peace.

You'll have a number of NosMates (computer-controlled characters) to help you in this quest, as well as pets. Over the course of the game, you will also gain access to different cards that will give your character newfound skills.

NosTale comes with a number of unique classes and their interesting sub-classes with each character possessing special abilities depending on which group they are from.
To make the game less gloomy and more fun, you can train pets as well and make them get involved in missions too.
With all these features and so much more, NosTale really promises to be an excellent adventure for you.

➔ Main points:

  • An anime MMORPG game with an interesting storyline.
  • A number of fun activities including pet management and fighting.
  • 15 unique classes and sub-classes.
  • Graphics (anime-style) have a room for improvement.

Full review

Developed with an interesting story, NosTale is a 3D mmorpg fantasy game which allows the player to get involved in a number of activities from training pets, decorating their home and learning the skill of fighting.

The background of the game is such that the peaceful world created by the goddess Ancelloan is on the brink of devastation as its inhabitants have gained control of elements like water and fire. What’s more is that the entities called Kenkos and Koaren are also waging a rebellion and that is when the power and ability of our character comes into play.

As the game is an MMORPG, a number of unskilled characters move into the foray looking to fight the upcoming war, each in their own capacity. However they have to be trained by players as archers, swordsmen and magicians in order to fend off the powerful antagonistic attack

Classes and Sub-classes

NosTale, as many other similar MMORPG games, features three main classes which are divided into several sub-classes.
In addition to that, three special cards are also available for each class, which impart unique abilities to the characters making them more formidable.

Unique classes and sub-classes

The three main classes include swordsman, archer and sorcerer.

The three main classes include swordsman, archer and sorcerer

Swordsmen are strong in nature and excel in close combat while taking on several enemies at a time using their lethal blades.
Archers affect the battles from long range with deadly accuracy using their bows and arrows on one hand, and an excellent knowledge of toxins and poisons on the other.
Sorcerers can change the course of a fight from an even farther distance as compared to archers, and have the ability to see into other dimensions at times.
They can damage their enemies using strong spells in addition to healing their partners in combat.


In Nostale, your character starts its journey as an adventurer, but gets promoted to other classes as the game goes on and you complete level after level.
Similarly, you get a pet to work with you: initially, it will be a not-so-scary chicken with very limited abilities, but you'll have the possibility to convert almost all of the enemies you'll encounter into your pets (if you defeat them of course).
You can also train your pets to improve their ability to fight, which allows them to improve their skillset.

NosTale allows you to play either alone, as teams or in a pvp mode.
Playing alone is quite straightforward; however, playing in teams makes you have a certain role which of course becomes your primary concern.
The PvP mode is a bit like the solo mode except that it sets you up against a number of human players, which makes the game more of a challenge.

The in-game action

Team missions or raids can be played with a minimum of four players to a maximum of fifteen.
However, as the number of players increases, the complexity of the missions grows as well, which makes playing with many of your friends way more fun!

Room for Improvement…

As much fun as NosTale sounds, there certainly is some room for improvements in some parts of the game.
For one, controlling your pet seems to be an absolute headache especially during the initial segments of the game.
The hen seems to wander off to fight with more powerful enemies and more often than not, ending up getting the axe no matter how well you are doing.
This problem can be tackled by switching from your character to the pet and taking it away to a safer zone, but obviously, this can only be done so many times before it starts to get annoying.

Another not so great thing about NosTale is that even though the graphics and colors seem jolly and rich, there is a cartoonish feel about its visual aspects and the serious battle of life and death does not seem that severe.
Moreover, the gap between levels which must be reached for consecutive upgrades seems too much and after a while, you start feeling as if the upgrade is not worth all the effort.


NosTale is an original and unique MMORPG with a fun storyline, a vast diversity of character types and a wide range of available upgrades.
The concept of pets is also very interesting (albeit not too original) and adds some fun.

However, a lack of engaging graphics and huge level differences between paying and non paying players are some of the shortcomings which should be fixed for the game to be counted as a really good one.

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Graphics: full 3D
PvP: guild or factions PvE PvP all vs all
Cash shop influence: high
Exp rate: medium

Interesting story, training of pets, unique classes and challenging missions.

What We Liked..

Good storyline

15 classes and sub-classes and challenging missions.

.. and what we didn't

Graphics have a room for improvement.

Fun factor
3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5
3.0 out of 5
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Review summary

  1. Classes and Sub-classes
  2. Gameplay
  3. Room for Improvement…
  4. Conclusion

What we liked..

Good storyline
15 classes and sub-classes and challenging missions.

.. and what we didn't

Graphics have a room for improvement.
Graphics - 60 / 100
Fun factor - 60 / 100
Longevity - 80 / 100
Originality - 80 / 100
Community - 60 / 100

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