Genshin Impact: The numerous leaks are no longer reliable

Genshin Impact is certainly one of the most popular free-to-play titles of the moment, capable of earning the development house, MiHoYo, figures in the billions.
Such a success attracts, of course, attentions of all kinds and it is not strange to see the network invaded by more or less probable leaks about future plans for the game, which we know for sure will be supported for several years.

Many leaks we have had in the past for the game, mostly obtained through datamining, have later turned out to be correct and it is now almost a practice for gamers to take as true the unofficial updates communicated on the net by the leaker on duty.
This state of affairs, however, may change very soon, and the numerous leaks released so far that have yet to materialize in reality are to be considered unreliable.

The reason for this is to be found in MiHoYo itself, which apparently may have changed its plans about the future of its game.
In fact, as revealed by the leakers themselves, MiHoYo is frequently tweaking the game code, making any prediction based on datamining completely unreliable.

Arkywzx, the leaker who had divulged the information about the imminent arrival within the game of the Inazuma map and the Dendro element, has removed from his profiles all references to such rumors, a sign that it is really impossible, at the moment, to know in advance what is boiling in MiHoYo's pot.

Apparently, therefore, in order to get unreleased news about upcoming updates to the game, one has to rely solely on the official channels of Genshin Impact, with no possibility of hoping for some under-the-table anticipation.

In the meantime, we remind you that Act IV of the game's first chapter recently made its debut within the title, making itself available to all players.
Entitled We Will Be Reunited, it goes on to continue the game's storyline, carrying on the narrative arc previously undertaken.

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