Steam also has its "wrapped" for 2022

As of this year, Steam, too, is offering its gamers their respective "wraps" for 2022: an infographic-style summary of their video game year, replete with percentages, bar graphs, and colorful statistics... all very social friendly, ready to be shared on Instagram (or any other social network).

A nice feature that takes a cue from Spotify's now famous wraps thanks to which you can view a summary of your personal experiences on Steam during the past year.
You will be able to see which games you have spent the most time on, what your longest gaming session has been, how many medals and achievements you have unlocked, or even what features you are most looking for within a video game.
In my case, for example, it turns out that I really appreciate a well-edited story and multiplayer games, while I have greatly neglected the classics.

To access Steam Replay, just open Steam and your personalized statistics for the year should come to you automatically. Alternatively, you can go directly to the replay page on the Steam site.

How about you? Have you seen your video game statistics yet?

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