Will Google Chrome soon welcome an entire section dedicated to its browser games?

If you are used to surfing the Web relying on Google's now-dominant web browser, Chrome, then chances are you have come across Dino at least once, the cute game starring a "pixelated" dinosaur that usually makes an appearance should there be any problems with the Internet connection, so that the user can occupy the time while waiting for the situation to recover.

Well, according to some interesting reports compiled by Chrome Story, within the code of Chromium there would be some revealing references to Google's willingness to expand the games usable through Chrome, even implementing a special browser window entirely dedicated to accommodate these gaming experiences.
More specifically, some assets belonging to what is supposed to be a real Snake clone have been unearthed, which will presumably go alongside the already present Dino.
In addition, explicit references indicate that a new page is currently in the works that can be reached at the address "chrome://games," which hypothetically will have the task of collecting within it all the games that the Mountain View company will decide to add to its Google Chrome "catalog."

In any case, needless to say, what has been reported has nothing official, and so far, Google has not intervened to clarify the situation.
Should it be officially confirmed, however, the news could literally open the door to a "new" kind of gaming experience and, although it is currently difficult to foresee the inclusion of more complex and articulated games than those hypothesized, it is not certain that in the future the project may not expand more and more.
Be that as it may, always assuming that the whole thing does indeed go through, it is currently unknown to us when the project will actually come to fruition within Chrome, although, given the nature of the project, the timeframe should not be stretched that much.

What do you guys think about these rumors? Would you like to see a dedicated section, within the Google Chrome browser, in which it would be possible to access different small video game experiences? Let us know your opinion on the matter!

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